Kate Ground Is The Bug Girl

Kate’s looking damn fine in her blue checkered halter top and matching short-shorts. Actually she takes the halter top off really quickly and that just makes this scene even hotter because Kate has some mighty fine titties and she’s not shy about grabbing them and pushing her chest out to show them off.

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Kate Ground Is The Lady In The Water

I’d say it’s a shame that Kate’s going to ruin her classy pink dress by taking it into the swimming pool but honestly seeing her dripping wet in a sheer dress is wonderful enough that it’s worth it. Hell I’ll buy her a new one as long as she holds still so I can drool over those sweet nipples peeking through the soaked material.

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Kates Playground Glitters

Kate is showing off her new sparkly blue top and while it’s quite lovely, those shiny gold panties are even nicer. They cling to her ass so perfectly you can see every curve and if you’re patient you’ll get to see a little bit more because she pulls them down just enough to give you a peek at her lovely backside in full.

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